Hazrat Dr Prof Muhammad Maqsood Elahi Naqshbandi Patron-In-Chief

Hazrat Allama Professor Doctor Muhammad Maqsood Elahi Naqshbandi who is a Wali-e-Kamil (perfect saint) of present times belongs to Silsila-e-Alia Naqshbandi. He is also known as “MEHBOOB SAEEN” among his devotees and loved ones. He laid the foundation of Islami Roohani Mission (Preaching Services) & Al-Maqsood Trust (Welfare Services) which has grown up by leaps and bounds in the form of a non-political, religion-spiritual and welfare organization.He took  Bay’ah by giving his hands in the hands of famous spiritual master of his time Hazrat Qibla Hazoor Allah Baksh known as “Sohna Sian” Rahmatullah’alaih. He spends every minute of his life in preaching Deen Islam and in the service of humanity at large and Muslim nation in particular. He is a serving professor of Organic Chemistry in a college. He has been teaching for the past 30 years. He is also a well-recognized and proficient Homeopathic doctor and deeply versed in the use of Herbal medicines. He attends hundreds of patients suffering from physical and spiritual diseases every week free of charge.

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