You have written about Zikr and the kind of red light you see during Muraqaba. This is the Noor of Latifa-e-Qlb.The Noor of Latifa-e-Rouh is of golden colour while that of Latifa-e-Sihr is white. Latifa-e-Khafi has Noor of black colour and Latifa-e-Akhfah has green colour The Noor of white colour that you saw was of Latifa Sihr, although you have not been given its permission. These are the boons of Allah Almighty and His Beloved Prophet’s صلى الله عليه و سلم kind attention. It’s the same as a child of first class, who reads his book of first class well, starts reading books of second and third classes, although he is not in that class. May Allah Almighty bless this humble man’s sister with His favours and help her ascending the path of His love and Mahrafah.You feel Zikr in the middle of head and forehead, this is Sultan-e-Azkar that is Latifa-e-Nafs and its Noor is moonlit white.


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