THE MEANING OF لن تنا لو البر حتى تنفقوا (MAKTOOB)


You have asked about the meaning of the Quranic verse, لن تنا لو البر حتى تنفقوا. In this holy verse, Allah Almighty says that you can not find love of Allah unless you spend your dearest thing in His Way. It is such a vast subject that concerns every body in daily life. There will come many occasions, time and again in life where one has to make such sacrifice. For example, you are having meal with someone. Out of two loafs, one is burnt and the other is well baked, and you take the burnt one and like your friend to have the well baked. Similarly, if you are given two apples, one is neat and spotless while the second is scared one. Now you will have to make a choice, whether you will eat the spotless or the scared one. Suppose you are standing in a mosque. It’s very hot and there are two available places there to offer your prayer. The one under the fan and second is far from it. In your own personal self, you like the one under the fan because of heat. But you prefer your brother to yourself and offer your prayer far from the place having fan. Whether these are the matters of this world or Deen sacrificing one’s favourite things for the pleasures of Allah explains meaning of this verse.

But this humble person would like to make it clear that this act of sacrifice should not be exaggerated to the point where one’s own life becomes troublesome. We have to give right to our own self also. I hope you have understood this point well. If unnecessary demands of an unscrupulous boy are met, he can become a habitual criminal. It is possible that despite self-sufficiency, he demands more. He should be told affectionately. InshaAllah it will work.



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