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Zikar e Qalbi

Zikr Congregation: a source of Recompense for Sins . All the praises are for Allah Almighty Whose name is a cure for all kinds of inner and outer diseases. The name of my Allah is so sweet that a mother swings her child with the name of Allah, and it gets lost in the vales of peaceful sleep. If this very name enters the folds of heart, it relieves all the pains and afflictions.

It is the same name that caused countless strayed people find love and Marafah of Allah .The Holy Prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم says that one Zikr congregation becomes a recompense for two hundred thousand gatherings, where Allah is not remembered. That’s why, the pious men of Allah call negligence of Zikr as a great disease. The Holy Prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم says in a Hadith Mubaraka that, “the gate to love of Allah is Zikr-e-Allah.” In an another Tradition Our beloved Holy Prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم says that, “I do Zikr-e-Allah all the time.” We pray to Allah Almighty,’ O Allah! We the sinners are hopeful of Your love, so You may grant us ability of doing Your Zikr.’

How to Do Zikr?

My dear brother, the way the things of this world can not be learnt without a teacher, in the same way, one can not do Zikr-e-Allah without proper guidance. Allah Almighty says in the Holy Quran,
“ “فسئلو آهل الذكر ان كنتم لا تعلمون. (النحل)
“So ask men of Zikr, if you don’t know.”

This humble person, through this letter, permits you doing Zikr, which is a great blessing of Allah Almighty. I explain here, how to do it. If you follow this, InshAllah within a few days your heart will start saying Allah! Allah! A state will arise where tongue will be busy in talking while the heart beats Allah! Allah! You will be asleep, but heart awakes with the word Allah! Allah! This is in conformity with this Hadith Mubaraka of the Holy Prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم in which he says:
“my eyes sleep while my heart does not sleep and does Zikr.”
But my brother, this heart will continue saying Allah! Allah! Despite the soul leaves the body. These are the Aulia Allah whose hearts never see death, even after their physical death. This humble person gives you permission, and is explaining how to do Zikr Qalbi. Our blessed Holy Prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم says about this, “Zikr of heart is seventy times superior than Zikr of tongue,” When heart of man starts doing Zikr, he comes under protection of Allah Almighty, and this man remains safe from mischief and whisper of Satan and his evil self. Consequently, this results in increased love of what is good and virtuous, and hatred for what is sinful and foul. This is in fact, the real spirit behind religious practice. Now, I explain how to do Zikr. Every man and woman has heart on the left side beneath the breast. This heart is a place of love and Marafat of Allah. That’s why in a Hadith Mubaraka the Holy Prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم says that, “the heart of a Momin is house of Allah.”, but our hearts are not house of Allah. How it comes that the Pure Being will reside in our hearts which are filled with filth of sins and misdeeds.
My dear brother, I would give my own example. I am a sinful man, even than I do not sit on a dusty chair. This sinful man polluted with thousands of misdeeds does not sit on dirty sheet of cloth, how it comes that the King of kings and the Pure Being would come in such dirty hearts.

My brother, the real dirt does not lie in the dust; it is envy, hypocrisy, licentiousness and dirty thoughts that envelop our heart and make it foul and filthy. Such kind of hearts can not become house of Allah.How does this heart get rid of this filth? Our beloved Holy Prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم says, “there is always an instrument to cleanse everything, and the hearts get purified by Zikr Allah.”

Whether sitting, standing, eating or walking, you always keep your attention on the place of your heart, and try to listen as if your heart is saying Allah! Allah! Allah! It the same as if somebody is thirsty, but he does not say water! Water! Rather the thought of water occupies his attention. Keep your attention on your heart and imagine that this is not your heart but a parrot that is saying Allah! Allah! Allah! all the time. In the beginning, it will listen to you like the heart of a person, who runs fast and his heart starts beating loudly. When you listen this, don’t think that this is the beat of your heart, but it is a call of the heart saying Allah! Allah! Allah! Within a few days, this beating of Allah will become clear as if it is coming out of the mouth.
If you want your heart beating Allah! Allah! Soon, your heart becomes alive with the name of Allah, Allah Almighty becomes your Benefactor and the successes of both the worlds come to you, than do Muraqaba. Muraqaba is a special kind of Zikr, which if done regularly, causes the heart say Allah! Allah! Soon. Whenever you find time in the morning, in the evening or at night; whatever the time you have, five minutes, ten minute, there is no condition of ablution; you sit alone, close your eyes, stoop your neck and sincerely repent of your sins before Allah, and concentrate at the place of your heart, and listen as if your heart is beating Allah! Allah! Allah! In shahAllah a few days practice will enliven your heart, and it will become alive with the name of Allah.

Punishment for the Evader of Prayer

Besides this, never miss your prayer. It is not only you who should offer prayer, but it is your obligation to advise prayer to those who are under your supervision. According to a Hadith Mubarak, “there are three punishments for prayer evader in this world, three punishments in the grave, and three punishments on The Day of Judgement.” The one, who leaves one prayer daily without any Shari (legal) excuse, will be counted as prayer evader.

Three Punishments in this world
1-He will not find peace and calmness throughout his life.
2-At the time of death, he will feel thirst to the extent that water of rivers will not suffice to quench his thirst.
3-He will suffer pains at the time of his death so much so that his body veins will burst out.

Three Punishments in the Grave
1- Grave will push him so hard that his right ribs enter his left ribs.
2- His grave will be made a hearth of Hell.
3- A snake will be imposed on him in his grave. If that snake bites once on this earth, it will not bear greenery till The Day of Judgement. It will keep on biting him till The Judgement Day.

Three Punishments on the Day of Judgement
1- When this prayer evader comes out of his grave on the Day of Judgement, his face will be blackened.
2- His account of deeds will be given in his left hand that is a sign of people of the Hell.He will eat his hands upto elbows out of grief, but there will be nothing to avail and ease him out. He will eat his hands but Allah Almighty will give him new ones.
3- On The Day of Judgement Allah Almighty will not accept any of his good deeds, and he will be thrown in the Hell.
This is all for those who rebel against commands of Allah. When a slave of Allah sincerely repents before Allah, our beloved Holy Prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم says, ‘when a person sincerely repents before Allah, though his evil deeds has covered the earth and heavens, Allah Almighty change his misdeeds in to good deeds.’ I humbly pray to Allah Almighty that He may forgive our faults and misdeeds and grant us the ability to follow Him completely.