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Preaching Activities (Islami Roohani Mission)

Islami Roohani Mission is a religious, social, and welfare organization that has actively been involves in preaching missions inside and outside the country for the past 30 years.

Preaching Tours: Hazrat Mahboob Sian is a professor of Organic Chemistry in a government college in Karachi where he heads the department of Chemistry. Every year, during summer vacation and winter holidays he goes to preaching missions in South Africa, Dubai, Mozambique, Malawi, Botswana, Swaziland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Germany, France and other countries of the world.

Preaching Missions: Islami Roohani Mission sends its preaching missions to all parts of the country (Pakistan) throughout the year.

Training Sessions: Islami Roohani mission also holds training sessions for the moral and religious training of the people at large and Fuqra in particular.

Annual Gathering: Islami Roohani Mission arranges annual and routine religious programs at national and provincial levels. Besides this, special programs are arranged to commemorate special days in our Islamic Calendar.

Publication of Reformative Literature: Special care is taken to publish reformative literature and books to help eradicate social ills from the society, and instill pure Islamic and reformed spirit in the hearts and minds of the people. Islami Roohani Mission brings outs its monthly magazine named, “ Al-Maqsood” which circulates far and wide. Besides this, books and pamphlets are published on special occasions to commemorate our special days in Islamic Calendar.

The Use of Mass Media: The present mass media is a powerful tool that is shaping the minds of people. Islami Roohani Mission is also well aware of the importance of modern mass media in the propagation of our religious teachings and morals. The following media are being used to propagate Islamic teachings:

* TV

* Audio and Video CDs

* The Internet

* Newspapers

Al-Maqsood Al-Quran Network: It Provides basic education of the Holy Quran including Hifz (Memorization of the Holy Quran), Nazra (recitation of the Holy Quran) and Tajwīd (refers to the rules governing pronunciation during recitation of the Holy Qur’an). For this purpose a network of centers is spread throughout the country and abroad.

Universities: It striving hard to provide quality education at higher levels by opening universities where both male and female students can get admission. These universities offer Dars-e-Nazami and Master’s degree programs. Computer literacy, Arabic and English languages are especially focused.

Al-Maqsood Trust (Welfare Services)

Construction & Educational Services

  •    Mosques /Schools /Darul Ulooms/Universities..
  •    Basic/ Formal/Short Courses 
  •    Water Scheme.   

Ramadan Services

  • Sehri/Aftari/Tarbiati Aetakaf

Free Medical Service

Employment Services

Response Natural Disasters

Collective Qurbani (أضحية Udhiyyah)

  • Ijtemai Qurbani/Collection Of Sacrifice Skin

Social Services

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